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Mouth Matters Blog

The added extra that your mouth deserves!

22nd March 2017

As with any task, there’s a way of doing things that will get the job done, but there’s always an alternative method that will offer maximum effect. Take cleaning the car as an example. You can use a bucket, sponge and some car shampoo to wash off the majority of the noticeable dirt, which works…

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The power to see more

23rd February 2017

Here at Mouth Matters in Chester, we strongly believe in providing our patients with the highest level of treatment possible, because that’s what you deserve. That’s why we are constantly investing in training, not only so that we can offer the latest techniques, but to also ensure that our staff are as highly skilled as…

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Straighten that smile!

30th January 2017

Many of us reach our adult years with crooked teeth that we’re just not proud to show off when we smile. Luckily, there are plenty of cosmetic orthodontic systems that can help to provide just the solution that you are looking for. Here at Mouth Matters in Chester we are proud to be able to…

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Treat Yourself!

27th November 2016

It might not quite be December but all around us the whisperings of Christmas have already begun. The shops are beginning to give us gentle reminders the Chester Christmas Markets are already bringing a lovely, festive cheer to our town. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but with so much to organise it…

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Because your “Faces Matter”, too!

28th October 2016

Here at Mouth Matters we’ve always been pleased to offer you a wide variety of dental solutions as well as facial rejuvenations. In fact, your face matters to us just as much as your mouth does. Therefore, we thought it was high time we gave faces as much online love as mouths and smiles…. That’s…

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Enhancing your natural beauty

25th September 2016

Dental veneers have been on the scene in the UK for a while now, having been initially used to create big, white ‘Hollywood’ smiles. By big, we mean just that… big! Veneers were traditionally quite thick and needed a lot of preparation that required the removal of much of the natural tooth structure. The end…

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The benefits of straight teeth

25th August 2016

Whether it’s the satisfaction of seeing everything lined up neatly, or just the joy that comes with perfect aesthetics, most of us would agree that straight teeth are more desirable than wonky ones. But did you know that a straighter smile could be more beneficial for your oral health, too? When teeth are crooked there…

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The importance of a full smile

29th July 2016

We use our faces to evoke numerous expressions, from happiness right the way through to anger or sorrow; it’s a natural way of conveying how we feel. Our mouths are inextricably linked to this, whether it’s through smiling, crying, shouting, or simply talking. So what happens if you are self-conscious about something like a missing…

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Tooth facts

14th June 2016

At Mouth Matters, teeth are our passion and we just find them so interesting that we thought it would be fun to share some little-known facts with you. Did you know that teeth begin to form before you are even born? Although you can’t see newborn babies’ milk teeth straight away, these form while the…

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The importance of smiling

29th May 2016

From a young age we’re constantly told to ‘smile, it might never happen’ or ‘turn that frown upside down’. The importance of smiling is ever present and it can affect our everyday lives more than we may realise. A smile is a marker of many different things. First and foremost it’s a sign of happiness…

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