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Aerodentis: Straighten your teeth while you sleep!

Aerodentis Night Time Tooth Straightening


“Aerodentis” is intended for use in the privacy of your own home. You wear the Aerodentis appliance for 10 hours a day, while you are sleeping or resting. This means that you do not have to wear any type of brace or plastic aligner appliance at all and you will have complete freedom from wearing anything during the day.

Aerodentis uses natural air pressure that moves teeth more effectively than conventional forces, thereby accelerating treatment time. The appliance will treat upper and/ or lower front teeth.

Benefits of Aerodentis:

  • Worn at night, works while you sleep
  • Maximum Discretion
  • Gentle Forces
  • No interruptions to the patient’s daily life style
  • No interference with speech or food
  • Patient is in control and can set pace
  • Keep smiling without embarrassment

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