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The Bioclear Method

Dr. Tschoepe is a certified Bioclear Practitioner.

Bioclear composite restorations integrate a more modern and advanced technique into daily dental practice. The method is based as much on principles of structural engineering as state-of-the-art materials and dental tools and techniques.

The Bioclear Method can correct many aesthetic dilemmas in a less invasive manner than traditional treatments such as porcelain crowns and veneers. It allows for predictable, longer lasting, stronger and aesthetically superior composite restorations for both front and back teeth.

The specially designed ultra thin and tooth shaped Bioclear Matrix is an innovative tool that will help to improve the strength and aesthetics of patients’ teeth.

The system preserves and respects the biomechanics of the natural tooth, replaces deficient, missing and diseased tooth structure, thickens and opacifies the tooth.

Compared to hand layered composites the Bioclear Method results in superior performance in marginal fit, stain resistance and void formation.



  1. Thorough mechanical “removal of Biofilm”. Biofilm is an organic contaminant that impacts adhesion. Its removal provides an optimal surface for adhesion and creates infinity edge margins- reducing staining of restoration, increasing bond strength and preventing marginal chipping.
  1. Advanced cavity design”. The cavity design is a modern and unique approach to preparing a tooth thus improving the adaptation of the material with correct contact points to adjacent teeth and overall superior outcomes. Tooth preparation is minimally invasive and additive ; it conserves and protects the natural tooth.
  1. Correct handling and placement of “individualised matrices“. The Bioclear anatomic matrices provide correct emergence profiles and contact points and aid periodontal (gum) health.
  1. “Heated composite placement” allows for injection moulding of composites and hence provides better marginal adaption, less voids , more strength and superior longevity. Bioclear becomes essentially one with the tooth, similar to a shrink-wrapping process.
  1. “The Bioclear rockstar polishing system” creates a highly polished restoration allowing a smooth finish and better stain resistance. However, please follow our practice’s recommendation to help reduce superficial staining created by food intakes such as tea, coffee , dark juice, etc. We also advise low abrasion tooth pastes.



  • Anterior (front teeth) restorations: decay, fractured teeth, post trauma, build ups
  • Posterior (back teeth) restorations : decay, fracture, partial and full cuspal overlay, build ups
  • The elimination of gaps between front teeth (diastema, spaced out teeth)
  • Black triangles (gaps around gum margins)
  • Building up undersized teeth
  • Orthodontic corrections ( rotations, shape and size corrections)
  • Overlays of teeth and root surfaces ( receding gum, abrasions)
  • Full coverage single and multiple veneers

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