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Do You Rush your Brush? Top Tips for Effective Toothbrushing

Tooth brushing is the most important and obvious part of daily oral hygiene. It’s the most effective way of removing daily plaque and acid that builds up in your mouth from the things we eat and drink. Do you know that 1 in 4 people don’t brush twice a day and even more admit that…

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Mouthwash use is now common practice to our regular oral health routine and who doesn’t love the minty zap it gives you leaving you feeling and smelling fresh – but are you using it correctly and is it doing its job? Mouthwashes come in all different forms and you should choose the one that is…

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Sugary Drinks Duty

With sugary and fizzy drinks being one of the main culprits for tooth decay in children aged between 4 to teenage years, The Children’s Food Campaign is calling for the Government to introduce a duty tax of 20p per litre on sugary drinks. Figures have been published showing the introduction of the 20p duty would…

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