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As Facial Aesthetics have developed into a competitive market it is important for prospective clients to realise that Dr. Tschoepe’s expertise has evolved through extensive and continuous training over many years. She started her initial Botox and Dermal Filler training in London over a decade ago and has established a loyal, enthusiastic and highly satisfied clientele since then.

Order Fake Xanax

  • Dr. Kate Goldie’s Master Class, Medics Direct, London 2015
  • Merz, Radiesse 3D Vectoring Lift , 1:1 Masterclass, 2015
  • Merz, Radiesse Level 2 Injections, 1:1 Masterclass, 2015
  • Sculptra, 3D Facial Approach, Wigmore Medical, London 2015
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Training, Medics Direct, 2014
  • Lower Face Rejuvenation Masterclass, Dr. E.Ravichandran, Merz, 2014
  • Masterclass in Advanced Facial Aesthetics, PHI Clinic, London, 2014
  • Allergan Masterclass, “The 8 Point Face Lift”, London, 2014
  • Allergan Botox and Vycross Technology , Allergan Medical Institute, 2014
  • Sculptra Training II & III, Dr. A.Townshend, Birminghman, 2014
  • Advanced Botox Theory and Injection Technique, 2013
  • Allergan Masterclass “100 to 1”, London, 2013
  • Advanced Botox Theory and Injection Technique, 2013
  • Facial Aesthetics, Tipton Training, Manchester, 2013
  • Merz Aesthetic Conference, Keble College, Oxford, 2013
  • Sculptra Training I, Dr. D. Evans, Birmingham, 2013
  • Advanced Cosmetic Procedures, Sterex, Birmingham,2013
  • Radiesse, 3D Facial Volumisation, Merz, 2013
  • Coolsculpt, Zeltiq, Transform, 2012
  • Belotero Workshop, In-House, Chester, 2012
  • Radiesse & Belotero Workshop, Merz, 2012
  • Mauricio de Maio,”Facial Aesthetics in Menopause”, Allergan, Manchester, 2011
  • Raj Acquilla, Voluma Masterclass, Allergan, Kingsmead Cosmetic Centre, 2011
  • Radiesse Advanced Training, Merz, Transform, 2011
  • Obagi Intermediate Training and Blue Peel Workshop, 2011
  • ACEA Meeting “Are Facial Fillers Always Safe?”, Dr Roy Saleh, Manchester, 2011
  • 6th European Masters in Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine Paris, 2010
  • Q-Med Cannula Training, Chester, 2010
  • Obagi Systems, Beginner’s Workshop, Manchester 2010
  • Current Concepts in Specialist Dental and Facial Aesthetics, 2010
  • Voluma Masterclass , Allergan 2010
  • Mauricio De Maio , Facial Masterclass , Allergan 2010
  • Konrad de Boulle , Facial Masterclass, Advanced Injection Techniques, Allergan 2009
  • Dermaroller, Medical Device Training, Aestheticare, 2009
  • Advanced Course in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, Facial Aesthetic Academy, 2009
  • Restylane SUB Q, QMed, 2009
  • Restylane Vital / Vital Light, QMed, 2009
  • Initial Training in Botox , Wigmore Pharmacy, London, 1997
  • Initial Training in Restylane Products, Q-med, Dr.Rita Rakus, London, 1997

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Dr Gabriele Tschoepe

Dr Gabriele Tschoepe

BDS, LFHom (Dent). Practice Devoted to Dental and Facial Aesthetics

2003 Highly Commended
“Dentist of the Year”

2004 Finalist
“Most Attractive Practice”

2006 Highly Commended
“Best Practice Marketing”

2006 Finalist
“Best Practice, North West”

2010 Finalist
“Best Referral Practice, UK”