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Treat Yourself!

27 November 2016

It might not quite be December but all around us the whisperings of Christmas have already begun. The shops are beginning to give us gentle reminders the Chester Christmas Markets are already bringing a lovely, festive cheer to our town. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but with so much to organise it…

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Because your “Faces Matter”, too!

28 October 2016

Here at Mouth Matters we’ve always been pleased to offer you a wide variety of dental solutions as well as facial rejuvenations. In fact, your face matters to us just as much as your mouth does. Therefore, we thought it was high time we gave faces as much online love as mouths and smiles…. That’s…

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A New Year A New You

8 December 2015

Every New Year is a new start, an opportunity to begin afresh, leave old ideas, unresolved issues, regrets, and mental and physical clutter behind, and approach a new YOU, claiming what is rightfully yours. A good place to start is your dental health, which influences your overall wellness. What is better than having a beautiful,…

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Face Matters

28 October 2015

At Mouth Matters, not only do we pride ourselves on providing up to the minute dental procedures and cosmetic dental treatments, but we also have a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments which we are professionally trained to carry out in our surgery. This is a review from one of our patients who has facial…

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