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How to keep your oral health in check over Christmas

, How to keep your oral health in check over Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, we all like to indulge a little and with all of the wonderful festive foods under our noses, how can we resist? While this time of year can be particularly hard on our waist lines, we shouldn’t forget that our oral health can also take a bit of a battering, too.

Take, for instance, the humble mince pie. We’ve done a quick scout at the sugar content in some of the supermarket’s own versions and we found that the best option to go for is Tesco’s with 14.5g of sugar per pie. That’s still three and a half teaspoons of sugar in each tiny mince pie though. To provide a comparison, Sainsbury’s mince pies have 14.6g of sugar in each, Asda 17g, Waitrose 18.4g, while Morrisons have a whopping 21.9g of sugar per mince pie!

In addition, there’s all the cakes, chocolates, sweets, and fizzy/alcoholic drinks that our teeth have to contend with, so how should we look after our oral health during the festive period?

Be mindful

The most obvious thing to do is limit your intake of sugar wherever possible. Be mindful when doing your Christmas food shop not to go too hard on the sweet stuff and actively select the lower sugar options where possible. When it comes to stocking fillers, choose small games, stationary, and crafts as opposed to chocolates, and ask friends and relatives to avoid gifting sweet treats to your little ones, too.

The other thing to be wary of is a change in your usual routine. Try not to let late nights stop you from brushing your teeth before bed, it is vital to maintain your excellent oral health habits during this sugary season.

Finally, kick your new year off to a healthy start by booking a dental check-up for you and your family in January – can’t wait to see you!