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Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

This is a type of denture treatment in which dental implants are used to anchor dentures. They are designed to provide better function and can be effective for patients unable to use traditional removable dentures.

There are several reasons why an individual may be advised not to have traditional dentures:

In the lower jaw, losing teeth contributes to bone loss that progresses over time. If there is substantial bone loss it may not be possible for the lower jaw to sustain a denture. Placing two or more dental implants in the lower jaw bone can help to provide a more stable foundation for the denture.

In the upper jaw, there may be jaw shrinkage and inadequate palate depth, which makes it difficult for the bone to sustain a denture. Patients with a sensitive gag reflex may also struggle to tolerate a denture because the base covers the roof of the mouth. Implant retained dentures have a smaller base which is modified into a curved shape to prevent gagging and increase comfort.

Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

  • Increased support and stability
  • Improved function
  • No sore spots or risk of irritation
  • No negative effects on speech or ability to eat
  • Decreased risk of bone loss
  • Improved facial support