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Flossing, do we really have to?

                  Flossing is almost like a comical game of cat and mouse… your dentist tells you to do it, you promise you will everyday, and then you promptly forget all about it until the day before your next appointment… sound familiar? If this sounds like you, you’re definitely…

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Boost your brushing!

  You already know that brushing your teeth is all about keeping them clean and, doing so twice a day for two minutes each time will keep them at the optimum level of cleanliness. We always suggest brushing first thing in the morning and just before bed time for the best results. Let’s take a…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  Here at Mouth Matters in Chester, it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We’re blessed to have the festive markets right on our doorstep, although that does make it very tempting to keep popping out for a mince pie, mulled wine, cheese, cookies, etc… We must resist! We’ll be able to take…

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Have you got a ‘Prosecco smile’?

You may have noticed that the UK’s love affair with Prosecco has come under fire in the news recently, due to the affect it is having on our teeth. Some of the country’s top dentists have spoken out about the risk of ‘Prosecco smile’, thanks to the drink containing a combination of sugar, alcohol, and…

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What’s in your mouth?

According to Sigmund Socransky, associate clinical professor of periodontology at Harvard University: ‘In one mouth, the number of bacteria can easily exceed the number of people who live on Earth.’1 This seems to be a worrying thought ! So, why are there so many bacteria living in our mouths? The warm temperatures and moist atmosphere…

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