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Smilelign & SmileTru

Smilelign – Clear Aligners

Smilelign Certified Provider

Smilelign is an invisible cosmetic aligner system which will straighten misaligned teeth in a short period of time. It involves cutting edge technology new to the UK dental market. Treatment can take as little as 10 weeks depending on the alterations required.

Each aligner is individually designed to move your teeth in small increments. A 3D digital computer animation will show your own “before and after results” and therefore will allow you to see a visual of your “new smile”.  The aligners are comfortable to wear and do not interfere in your daily routine. 

Advantages of Smilelign:

  • Invisible , effective and quick
  • Simple to use 
  • No need for fixed braces
  • Affordable

Free home whitening included

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Smile TRU

Smile TRU
Certified Provider

“A beautiful smile requires beautiful straight teeth”.

Smile TRU is an invisible orthodontic treatment for the smile of your dreams. It uses a series of clear positioners that can be offered as an alternative to fixed braces for most people. Each positioner is designed to fit over the teeth and will gently guide them into their desired position. You can choose from only having your front teeth treated to addressing a more complex procedure.

If traditional orthodontics are not suitable for your lifestyle then Smile TRU is an excellent choice to achieve a great smile.


Am I suitable for Smile TRU?

Should you consider these issues, Smile TRU may be the right alternative for you:
Invisible: No one needs to know you are straightening your teeth.
Comfortable: Just remove the aligners and eat freely whatever you want.
Hygienic: Removable aligners make brushing easier.
Enjoyable: Keep playing the sports and music you love.
Predictable: See the digital result before making your decision.
Fast: Shorten the treatment time to 3 months – 1 year depending on the complexity of each case.
Trendy: Advanced 3D analysis from the USA is used to precisely align your teeth.
Unrestricted: Virtually invisible aligners can integrate easily with your career and your social status.
Affordable: Esthetics does not always come at a high cost.

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