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The Mouth Matters Team: Dr Mitsas

Meet Dr Mitsas

Dr. Dimitrios Mitsas completed a 3 year postgraduate course in Periodontology at the University of Sheffield, where he gained a Master of Clinical Dentistry in Periodontology. The last 3 years his practice is limited to periodontics. Dr. Mitsas will treat any problems relating to your gums such as bad breath, bleeding and swollen gums, loose teeth etc.

His special interests are microsurgical techniques in regenerative and mucogingival surgery using a surgical operative stereoscope.

Dr. Mitsas  believes that as a treatment philosophy, microsurgery provides the surgeon with high precision during surgery based on the application of microsurgical instrumentation and suturing. The reduced surgical site achieved with the principles of  microsurgery compared to the conventional surgical techniques will lead to less tissue trauma resulting in less post-surgical complications and better results in the management of the challenging surgical procedures.

Dr.Mitsas accepts referrals covering a wide range of treatments including:

• Non-surgical treatment of periodontitis

• Surgical management of the cases that do not respond to the initial non-surgical treatment such as:
– Open flap debridement
– Root resections / and hemisections
– Guided tissues regeneration including autogenous bone, resorbable membranes and
 bone substitutes, and Emdogain

• Crown lengthening

• Root coverage procedures of single and multiple teeth

Dr. Mitsas is an active member of the British Society of Peridontology, and he is a lecturer at the prestigious Tipton Training Academy.

Dr Dimitrios Mitsas

Dimitrios Mitsas

DMD, MClinDent

Practice Devoted To Periodontics