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Buy Adipex In Uk

Award-winning dentist Dr.Gabriele Tschoepe was born and raised in Germany as a daughter of a prominent cosmetic surgeon. After studying English Literature and the History of Art, she decided to pursue a career in Dentistry. She qualified in 1985 at the University of Wales Medical School with a distinction in medicine and surgery.
In pursuit of excellence Dr.Tschoepe stays abreast of current literature and attends regular courses and conferences worldwide.
Therefore, she continually expanded her dental and facial “know-how” over the past 30 years and still does.

Advanced Dental Skills

  • One year course: Restorative Dentistry, St. Ann Dental Centre
  • One year course: Advanced Practical Dentistry, St.Ann’s Dental Centre
  • One year course: Implant Dentistry & Implant Restorations, St.Ann’s Dental Centre
  • One year course: Homeopathic Dentistry, Faculty of Homeopathy, London, LF Hom (Dent)
  • One year course: Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Tipton Training
  • One Year Course: Implant Dentistry & Implant Placement, Tipton Training
  • Certified Inman Aligner Practitioner
  • Certified Six Month Smile Practitioner
  • Certified Smilelign Practitioner
  • Certified Invisalign Practitioner
  • Certified C-fast Practicioner
  • Certified SmileTru Practitioner

Advanced Facial Skills

  • Advanced Botox Injector since 1997 : Botox, Vistabel, Azzalure, Bocouture, Xeomin
  • Advanced Dermal Filler injector since 1997: All “biostimulative” fillers: Radiesse, Sculptra, Ellanse
  • PRP (platelet rich plasma/ dracula) therapy
  • Radiesse and Sculptra Injector
  • Advanced Cosmetic Skin Procedures (Diathermy/Electrolysis)
  • Microsclerotherapy ( Thread Vein Removal of the Legs)
  • Obagi, Prescription Skin Care Practitioner
  • Chemical Peels Practitioner
  • Dermaroller Practitioner
  • Associate Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine

Gabriele is registered with the General Dental Council in Britain and in Germany. (GDC No 60296)
Her special interests are cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics to help her patients achieve their desired smiles and confident looks.

After having worked in private referral practices in Germany and Britain, she established “Mouth Matters“, a referral centre in the heart of Chester in 2002.

Gabi is an experienced aesthetic clinician allowing her to treat both simple and complex cosmetic cases.
Dr. Tschoepe is delighted to offer patients her repertoire of dental and facial treatments and is happy to take referrals from colleagues.

Dr Gabriele Tschoepe

Dr Gabriele Tschoepe

Clinical Director

BDS, LFHom (Dent). Practice Devoted to Dental and Facial Aesthetics

2003 Highly Commended
“Dentist of the Year”

2004 Finalist
“Most Attractive Practice”

2006 Highly Commended
“Best Practice Marketing”

2006 Finalist
“Best Practice, North West”

2010 Finalist
“Best Referral Practice, UK”