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Ambien Cr Generic

Generic Ambien Manufacturers

Generic Ambien Manufacturers

It is estimated that between 30 and 50 percent of females suffer from thread veins. Although they do not cause health problems they can affect confidence and make people feel uneasy when they wear revealing clothes. Thread veins are near to the surface of the skin and usually either red or purple in colour. They range in size from fine lines to deep veins. The most common locations for thread veins are the thighs, calves and inside of the knees.

Women who have thread veins often feel self-conscious when wearing dresses or skirts, especially in the summer, but treatment can help to restore self-esteem and give them the confidence to shop for a summer wardrobe without any worries. Male patients can also receive treatment for the condition.

It is not really understood how or why thread veins develop. The most common causes seem to be pregnancy, minor injuries, smoking, drinking, standing for prolonged periods of time and exposure to different temperatures.


Microsclerotherapy. Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins and certain cases of varicose veins may respond well to non-surgical sclerotherapy. Microsclerotherapy is generally considered the most suitable procedure for thread veins in the legs and on the body. Microsclerotherapy reduces the appearance of veins following several treatment sessions and around 80 percent of patients report success. It is often not possible to destroy every tiny spider vein, but we will do our best to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

When the thread veins are located near to the surface of the skin, ultrasound guidance is typically not required and sclerotherapy is an effective treatment. Treatment sessions normally last around 20 minutes and involve a series of tiny injections.

Once the vein has been closed off the blood flow is diverted through healthy veins. Over the course of time the abnormal vein is absorbed by the body and blood flow will continue through the healthy veins.

Mouth Matters use only approved solutions for sclerotherapy treatment. If you want to find out more about treatment please contact us to arrange a consultation. Because thread veins can be complex and vary according to the individual, a consultation to discuss treatment is highly recommended.

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