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Face Matters

At Mouth Matters, not only do we pride ourselves on providing up to the minute dental procedures and cosmetic dental treatments, but we also have a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments which we are professionally trained to carry out in our surgery. This is a review from one of our patients who has facial treatments with Gabi.
“Being a dental patient at Mouth Matters for a number of years, I know and trust Gabi and always feel comfortable in her care. I had read on the Mouth Matters website about their range of facial aesthetics and I was interested particularly in the various fillers they offered. After speaking to Gabi about various procedures, I decided to have the lines around my mouth treated. I was a bit of a mixture of excited and apprehensive but Gabi, as always, made me feel very relaxed and explained the procedure at each step, so I know what would happen.

The procedure was virtually pain free and took just 30 minutes. The results were immediate and I was pleasantly surprised about this. The effect lasts for around 12 months as any decline that does happen is very gradual so is quite unnoticeable. I have been so pleased with the procedures that Gabi has carried out that I have had quite a few more and all of which have been successful and subtle but made a huge difference to me visually and personally.
A main positive is that Gabi is so professional and skilled at the procedure. I feel completely confident in her care and she explains each procedure to me. Most of all she never carries out procedures to extreme, so they are always subtle yet effective, I think this is why the results last longer. She always offers fantastic advice whenever I need it and I will continue to visit Mouth Matters for my facial treatments in the future.”
We also provide the following facial aesthetic treatments, which can be combined into a treatment package.
We provide the following facial rejuvenation procedures together with advanced skin treatments within our Medical Spa facilities.

 Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Botox® Cosmetics)
 Line Smoothing Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra)
 Skin Rejuvenation for Men
 Lip Plumping
 Cheek, Chin and Nose Augmentation
 Non-Surgical Facelifts/Skin Tightening
 Skin Peels
 Acne Treatment and Scar Removal
 Semi-Permanent Make-Up
 Sun Damage Reversal
 Facial Hair Removal
 Thread Vein Removal

We can even arrange accommodation so that you could enjoy spa like treatment weekend in the beautiful City of Chester and leave looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated!
If you are interested in facial aesthetics please book in for a chat about what procedure is right for you. Give us a call 01244 343 353.

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