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Because your “Faces Matter”, too!

Here at Mouth Matters we’ve always been pleased to offer you a wide variety of dental solutions as well as facial rejuvenations. In fact, your face matters to us just as much as your mouth does. Therefore, we thought it was high time we gave faces as much online love as mouths and smiles…. That’s why we have now launched a brand new website dedicated solely to our facial rejuvenation treatments, called Face Matters!

Head over to our new site today to see the full range of options available, with even more information than before. Our medical Spa facilities offer doctor-led cosmetic procedures as well as skin treatments which will  enhance your looks and confidence.  That’s why we’ve even broken things down into age categories too, just to make things a little bit easier to take in.

All procedures are tailored to individual needs and wants.  Dr. Gabi’s expertise and in- depth knowledge allows her to give detailed advice on a more youthful look that is achievable yet still natural. She recommends having a free consultation to guide you through different procedures and their outcome.

Take a look at our new site by heading over to today. You’ll be able to get an insight into the choices that are available to you and also book a no-obligation consultation online, or just give us a ring on 01244. 343 353. We would love to welcome you.