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Client Testimonials

Colin Hester

, Client Testimonials… I am so lucky to have a dentist like Gabi and her team. She is the only dentist i would let near my 5 year old daughter. She is so kind and gentle around her mouth. My teeth have never been so well looked after!”

Azorria Anandh

, Client Testimonials… What a pleasure it has been to find a dentist that really does care! I was introduced by a very good friend – Richard at Hair Matters in Chester. I am so grateful to him – thank you Richard! xx. Gabi and her team at Mouth Matters are amazin. They are friendly and put you at ease. I am one of those awful people who just dont trust dentists but i can truthfuly say “bravo guys you are all simply the very best xx”! If anyone is looking for a fab dentist, then i highly recommend Mouth Matters – this will be the dentist for you! Thank you all for my beautiful smile and my new found confidence. I’m already looking forward to my next appointment. See you all then.”

Paul Austen, Wrexham.

, Client TestimonialsI can honestly say that from all the treatment I’ve had from other dentists I’ve had nothing but superb treatment from Gabrielle and her colleagues. I had extremely complex dental surgery in that time in order to save my teeth. I can honestly say throughout all that time I’ve never experienced one moment’s discomfort. I would recommend her without exception.”

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Dee, North Wales

, Client TestimonialsAfter only four treatments, the most severe issues have already been addressed. I can bite and chew without pain and my teeth look good too! Dr. Tschoepe is a patient, listening and truly competent professional. Her standards of patient care and her work are high. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

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Anne, North Wales

, Client Testimonials… they made going to the dentist a good experience for me. They’re really caring and it didn’t hurt and it’s just quite fun going there… they’re always smiling and happy and it’s beautiful and clean there. Thanks!”

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Geoff, Shropshire

, Client Testimonials… … in finding Mouth Matters we have definitely found a top quality dentist, with a wonderful surgery. Gabi is always very, very professional and very friendly, as are all the staff. We are very happy with Mouth Matters and we shall continue to go there for as long as we can.”

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Deanna, Chester

, Client Testimonials… I’d like to tell you what a wonderful experience I’ve had of going to the dentist and her name is Gabi Tschoepe. She really is the very best dentist that I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to several over my life. She’s kind, she’s sweet, she’s gentle, and the surgery where you go, when you go, as soon as you go in, there’s a feeling of tranquility in there…”

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Lisa, Chester

, Client Testimonials… I just wanted to say how happy I am with my new crowns that Gabi has given me at Mouth Matters. It’s really made a difference to my life. My confidence has rocketed; I feel I’m smiling a lot more, I’m very happy with them…”

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Erica, Warrington

, Client Testimonials… …Dr. Tschoepe and her staff are the most professional and friendly I’ve ever experienced. The surgery itself being one of the most comfortable and informative I’ve ever visited. The spa clinics and treatments from a woman’s point of view have been most interesting and I have to say I’ve happily indulged in many treatments…”

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Suzie, Flintshire

, Client Testimonials… I’m very grateful to Dr. Gabriel and her team, the excellent service I received. All the staff were really welcoming and discussed a range of different options with me, which enabled me to make a really informed decision about what was right for me. I’m really pleased with the results of the treatment.”

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Christine, Chester

, Client Testimonials… …all the staff are very professional, friendly and supportive. They put me at my ease and took turns to explain my treatment and to discuss the options available. All work was carried out as painlessly as possible and to a very high quality. I am glad that I chose Mouth Matters and I’m very pleased with my treatment and the outcome.”

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Geoff, Preston

, Client Testimonials… Gabi is a technically excellent dentist, client focussed, pain aware, and calm. I make a 100 mile round trip to see her, and never regret it. Her European experience makes her significantly more flexible than most English dentists.”

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