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Want your teeth to sparkle this Christmas? Treat your teeth to a makeover this winter with one of our top tooth whitening treatments. We have a range of safe, professional and effective treatments that will leave you with a bright and beautiful smile, that you will just want to show off! At Mouth Matters we use three products so we can discuss which option is best for you. We have:-

• Zoom
• Enlighten
• White Dental Beauty

Zoom Light Whitening

Zoom Light Whitening is an in-surgery treatment, followed by a home treatment plan. The initial whitening session will take about 90 minutes and is a combination of a hydrogen peroxide gel being applied to your teeth in conjunction with the use of an UV lamp. This will help to achieve a “kick start whitening” of your teeth in the shortest possible time. You will receive four 15-20 minute sessions. These sessions will produce an instant result. We follow this up with some home whitening treatment using tailor made whitening trays, to keep that smile brighter for longer.

It’s quick, professional and will leave you smiling bright in a flash!

Enlighten Whitening

Enlighten Whitening is the real deal if you want to take your teeth to the absolute whitest on the shade guide (shade B1). After impressions are taken we send these to the Enlighten laboratory who will make the special whitening trays. Your teeth are prepared for whitening by using specially formulated Enlighten toothpaste. Then you are ready for a two week course of intensive gel whitening. The second week of whitening gel will be stronger than the first, so you will see a gradual result. You will then come into surgery for a final blast whitening session to complete the ultimate shade. The gel used is proven to be the most effective gel available for use in the UK.
After this treatment Enlighten guarantee that your teeth will be bright, white, clean and gleaming!

White Dental Beauty

This treatment is a bleaching system which is effective, safe and tailored to each individual patient depending on your requirements. The trays are produced in house, then using the specially formulated gel. You can choose between a “day” or “night” system and the trays are worn for around 2-3 weeks. The gels are formulated to minimise sensitivity, carry a neutral ph level, hydrate your teeth and also have a lovely mint flavour!
As with all of our treatments, we are always on hand if you need any advice during the treatment. We want you to be comfortable with the treatment and ensure that they provide the best results for you.

So with all of these options what are you waiting for – give your teeth a “White Christmas “this year and shine your way though the party season!

Call us now for a free consultation:- 01244 343353 we’re ready to help you get your smile for Christmas!