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Have you got a ‘Prosecco smile’?

You may have noticed that the UK’s love affair with Prosecco has come under fire in the news recently, due to the affect it is having on our teeth. Some of the country’s top dentists have spoken out about the risk of ‘Prosecco smile’, thanks to the drink containing a combination of sugar, alcohol, and fizziness, which all adds up to a dental nightmare.

The problem with Prosecco, and drinks like it, is that the high levels of acid within them attack the enamel of the tooth. This is the hard, protective layer, which is not able to regenerate itself once it has been eroded. Constant acid attacks from the foods and drinks we choose to consume can cause this enamel to wear away leaving the dentine below exposed.

There are a couple of problems that occur when the dentine is visible, the first one being cosmetic – because dentine is more yellow in appearance than enamel, it is not as aesthetically pleasing when we smile. The other, more serious problem of exposed dentine, is the sensitivity that comes with it. Hot, cold, or even sweet foods and drinks can become very painful, so not only will people who suffer from this find it a discomfort, it can also prevent them from enjoying some of their favourite foods, too.

What can you do?

Of course the obvious answer would be to avoid acidic foods and drinks altogether, but at Mouth Matters in Chester we know that it isn’t feasible to expect everyone to do this. We’ll even let you into a little secret, we like to enjoy the odd glass of Prosecco ourselves! The best advice is to enjoy these kinds of drinks with a meal and to also rinse with water, so try having a refreshing glass alongside your bubbles. We also recommend waiting at least half an hour before brushing your teeth, as this will allow your saliva to naturally re-harden the enamel after the acid attack.

Prosecco, Have you got a ‘Prosecco smile’?