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The importance of a full smile

We use our faces to evoke numerous expressions, from happiness right the way through to anger or sorrow; it’s a natural way of conveying how we feel. Our mouths are inextricably linked to this, whether it’s through smiling, crying, shouting, or simply talking.

So what happens if you are self-conscious about something like a missing tooth? For many people this would feel embarrassing and the natural thing would be to try to hide it by using a hand to cover their smile or trying not to speak unless entirely necessary. This can make it difficult to show the way you really feel and can often cause tension within friendships or relationships. It may even come to the point where you begin to cancel social engagements.

All of this can lead to stress, anxiety, worry and even depression. If you feel that the absence of a tooth or a gappy smile causes you emotional upset a dental implant could be a viable solution. This progressive treatment works by placing a titanium screw into the jawbone and then placing a crown (or false tooth) onto the screw. It forms a permanent solution to a missing tooth because the screw integrates with the natural bone and will stay securely in place for many years ahead. Just imagine having your full smile back and not having to worry about laughing, talking or expressing your various emotions!

At Mouth Matters, we’re pleased to be able to offer dental implants. Dr. Andrew Legg, our implant surgeon, is very experienced in carrying out this procedure and you will be in best hands! If you’d like some more information on dental implants, just call 01244 343 353 and book a free consultation.