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The emotional effects of a smile

smile, The emotional effects of a smile


Smiling is an emotional reaction, it naturally reflects our feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, and love. Smiling at another person can also elicit the same response and feeling from them, too, giving them a little lift that they might just need in that moment. It’s little surprise then, that if someone feels conscious about the appearance of their smile it can cause negative emotions to surface such as worry, concern, and general discontentment.

People who feel they have to cover their smile, or avoid smiling altogether, can often begin to withdraw from social situations, becoming increasingly introverted. Often, this may even impact on careers too, anxiety around appearance can sometime lead people to shy away from putting themselves forward, preventing them from getting ahead in the workplace. Essentially, stopping yourself from smiling can lead to unhappiness and insecurity and at Mouth Matters we believe that no one should have to feel this way.

Mood booster

Whether the problem is discoloured, crooked, chipped, or even missing teeth, we will have a solution – or a mixture of treatments – to turn your smile into something you are so proud of you will actually want to show it off all the time.

At Mouth Matters, we offer a range of treatments to really give you the wow factor, including tooth whitening, cosmetic straightening, dental implants, veneers, and much more. We can discuss a variety of options to help you achieve the look that you desire, leaving you feeling excited at the prospect of your new smile.

Imagine how it would feel to be confident every time you leave the house. If you want that to be your reality, get in touch with us today to book a no-obligation consultation to see how we could help you achieve the smile of your dreams.