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The power to see more

Here at Mouth Matters in Chester, we strongly believe in providing our patients with the highest level of treatment possible, because that’s what you deserve. That’s why we are constantly investing in training, not only so that we can offer the latest techniques, but to also ensure that our staff are as highly skilled as possible.

Added to that, we think that in order to offer the highest level of dentistry available, it is important to have the most advanced tools at our fingertips. With this ethos constantly at play in our practice, patients at Mouth Matters can rest assured that they are in the safest hands.

Top technology
We’re always telling you about the latest treatments available, but do you know about the dental technology we have at our fingertips? Due to the skilled nature of our work, all of our practitioners wear dental loupes, which look like glasses with an extra magnifying lens on the front. This gives us superior vision and allows us to provide you with the most precise treatment and the most aesthetic outcomes. As an adjunct to dental loupes, we also use microscopes that are specifically designed for dentistry. These allow us that extra sight and illumination for more complex procedures, such as root canal therapy.

Clinical photography is vital to us at Mouth Matters and we use it on a daily basis to give us a vital reference for each individual case. This is not just about the wow factor of seeing the before and after shots together – although we do love this – it is also great for showing patients how to make oral health improvements. Another tool for showing our patients what’s going on in their mouth is the intraoral camera. This wireless camera is linked to an iPad and essentially gives you a tour of your mouth! This can show you all the areas that you can’t normally see, allowing you to better understand your own oral health and make better, more informed decisions about your treatment.

If you want to trust your dental health and treatment to practitioners who are committed to providing the highest level of dentistry, call Mouth Matters in Chester today on 01244 343 353.