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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

At Mouth Matters we recognise the importance of a glowing, polished smile and offer incredible treatments that will give you an A-list smile in less than an hour!

Teeth can lose their natural whiteness as a result of ageing, smoking or drinking liquids such as red wine, coffee and tea. Once the teeth are discoloured it can then affect the overall aesthetics of the smile and impact confidence in social situations.

Tooth Whitening Chester

A bright, white smile will help to boost confidence and self-esteem and ensure you always make a great first impression. At Mouth Matters we offer at-home and in-chair whitening treatments to produce incredible results that are:

  • Quick
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Effective
  • Convenient

All our dentists are highly trained and use the latest techniques to create the most beautiful smiles. The treatments we offer include:

Enlighten – The Deep Bleaching Technique

Enlighten LogoThe difference with Enlighten Whitening is the results. It is the latest guaranteed Teeth Whitening System from The United States, which has revolutionized professional bleaching. Follow our guidelines and your teeth will whiten beyond any other system. The procedure works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules. This means that the teeth can whiten up to 16 shades, yet results will vary. If used correctly, all natural teeth will whiten dramatically.

The Enlighten System involves an initial home whitening (tray system), which is used during the night for 14 consecutive nights. This enables the teeth to become conditioned and prepared for the in- surgery application of a short power whitening session which will last 2×20 minutes. The teeth are then sealed for colour stability.

Results will be long lasting but obviously depend on individual food and drink intake which can re-stain the dentition. Maintenance is very simple by occasionally wearing your bleaching trays for 1 night.

Teeth Whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks! Many patients say that they feel year younger after the treatment, having erased the effects of ageing. Please be aware that it is illegal for bleaching to be carried out by any other person than a dental professional. Enlighten has featured in numerous press articles and TV makeover shows. The products have been used by a number of celebrities.

White Dental Beauty – The Secret to a Beautiful Smile

White Dental LogoGetting that gorgeous smile you are used to seeing in the glossy magazines is easier than you think.  The secret is in ‘White Dental Beauty’ professional gels, available only through dentists.

The White Dental Beauty bleaching system is effective, long lasting and totally safe. It is a tray system worn during the night for about 2-3 weeks. As every smile is unique the treatment is customized to each patient and to each the patient’s life style.

It goes without saying that treatment is carried out under dental supervision and on prescription of a dentist.

White Dental Beauty materials have been used by the dental profession globally for many years. They are produced with a unique patented formula to achieve optimum results.  The gels’ carefully selected ingredients minimize sensitivity, maintain a neutral pH and help keep the teeth hydrated and have a pleasant mint flavour will leave your mouth feeling really fresh.

“Zoom”, The In-Surgery Whitening Procedure….The Immediate Kickstart

Zoom LogoThe Zoom procedure is an in-surgery bleaching treatment as well as an additional home programme. The initial whitening session will take about 90 minutes and is a combination of a hydrogen peroxide gel being applied to your teeth in conjunction with the use of an UV lamp. This will help to achieve a “kick start whitening” of your teeth in the shortest possible time. You will receive four 15-20 minute sessions. Gums, soft tissues and eyes are protected from contact with the bleaching gel and from light exposure. Please view this session as a pampering exercise and time out for yourself. Members of staff will be at hand to make you feel comfortable at all times and the procedures can be paused at any stage.
After the in-house session is completed you will be given a home whitening kit for six days to ensure that the shade of your teeth will improve further.

Zoom Take-Home Formulation – The Lustrous Whitening Procedure

Zoom LogoThe Zoom formula is designed around specific patient needs. Both Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite are safe and effective systems that contain three active ingredients (amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and fluoride) to combat sensitivity and aid the remineralisation process after whitening. Enamel and dentine are microhardened. The bleaching process is therefore combined with bioactive materials. Due to its dual barrel technology, where the peroxide is separate from the activator, the product is mixed at the “point of use”. Optimal results are achieved within 1-2 weeks.

Treatment times are twice 30 minutes during the day (DayWhite) or all night /4-6 hours (NiteWhite).

 Bnf Whitening

Did you know?  The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Whitening their Teeth:

1. People do not use whitening products that contain the correct amount of peroxide to whiten their teeth. At our practice we use the latest accredited whitening gels that use the legally safe amount of peroxide gel.

2. It is illegal for anyone apart from GDC registered dental professionals to sell or apply the correct whitening treatments. At our practice we are all fully trained and make sure that we deliver your treatment in a safe and trustworthy environment.

3. Poorly fitting trays not supplied by a dentist will result in an unpredictable treatment outcome. We only use high quality dental laboratories to make our bespoke whitening trays. The better fitting the tray the more predictable the result.

4. An absence of a dental health check before treatment could result in damage to your teeth and gums. Only a qualified dentist can make sure you are not putting the health of your teeth at risk by ensuring your mouth is healthy before you start treatment.

5. People do not get existing fillings and crowns checked to make sure the colour would match after whitening. Professional advice before you start treatment is essential to make you  fully aware of how the end result may look.  You can then plan to have teeth with fillings or crowns treated after your bleaching.


Tooth Whitening in The Press:

Logo Express
“Enlighten 10/10, Britesmile 9/10, Smile Studio 7/10.”

Logo Times
“Enlighten is a nationwide chain that offers a quicker and cheaper solution.”

Logo Mensfitness
“Does it work? It certainly does. Does it hurt? Not at all.”

Logo Ok
“A natural looking brighter smile to break a thousand hearts.”

Logo Maxim
“Divine intervention: Lighten teeth by 10 shades.”

Logo Mail
“ Get a Hollywood smile in your lunch hour with Enlighten.”

Logo Sky
“Smile-X is one of the coolest products this year.”

Logo 4
“The Clear winner in our test.” (Richard & Judy)

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